What Do People Want?

What is the number 1 thing in the world everyone wants? Can you answer that? What does everyone want so desperately? I believe that the answer, quite simply, is: MORE.

  • They want more success at work.
  • They want more happiness in life.
  • They want more passion in their relationships.
  • They want more money.
  • More energy.
  • More productivity.
  • More meaning.

Everyone wants more of the good things that life has to offer, right? Well, to get more, we need to activate our full potential. We need to hit a higher gear and become high performers at whatever we do. We have to become more focused, productive, influential, and successful.

And it’s not always easy. Many people are struggling more than they have to in these areas.

Even though we all have big goals and dreams, many people today are stressed,

overwhelmed, and uncertain about what the future holds.

So, think about YOUR life. Do you feel you’re being as productive, influential, and successful as you want? Are you struggling to stay focused, to get ahead, or to better influence your team or customers? Have you reached a plateau in your progress and struggled to breakthrough to the next level of joy, power, and achievement? Do you feel like you are at the same level of success and happiness you have been for too long? Do you miss the vibrancy of growing and contributing at your highest levels?

Here’s where I come in.

In addition to offering consulting, workshops/retreats, Predictive Index and speaking, I am a Coach. That means I can add an even deeper level of value to all areas of your life experiences, because:

I am one of 450 elite Certified High Performance Coaches™ in the world… but more importantly, I have lived a lifetime of tragedies and triumphs that have served me well in understanding life’s challenges. I have led a large organization and teams of people to achieve goals beyond their wildest dreams, I have been on the forefront of a societal change in hospice, I know the preciousness of each moment of life because I have witnessed death up close and personal. I believe that there is goodness and genius in each of us because we each are gifted with a spark of Divinity. I simply hold the mirror up to my clients and let them see their beauty and brilliance within and I never give up on their success. Never. Most of all, I CARE. Deeply. I will not let you fail, if you are ready to step up to live your BEST life in all aspects of your life, I will see that you do just that.

In my coaching practice, I work exclusively with a limited number of 1:1 High Performance coaching clients each quarter who are seeking massive results. Because of that limited number, I have opened a VIP High Performance Group Coaching program for those looking for a small group experience. I facilitate these groups personally, and there is the added value of social learning build in.

If coaching feels right for you, or you are curious for more information, visit on my website:

or you can download a FREE in-depth Self-Assessment Questionnaire here:
If you would like to talk with me about consulting, leadership and/or strategic planning retreats or a keynote speech, contact me here:

I’m looking forward to working with you! Let’s make this your breakthrough year! It’s your time!!

Patti Moore with CHPC colleagues following re-certification

Post By: Patti Moore