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No Mission No Margin

Patti Moore, president and founder of The Watershed Group, truly understands executives—their challenges, responsibilities, hopes, and ambitions. After all, she was a hospice executive herself for more than 15 years. Drawing on her experience as a longtime leader in the hospice industry, Patti gives inspirational speeches to staff, leadership and management teams and boards of directors. She also conducts powerful workshops to help executives and managers advance strategically and work collaboratively together.


As a speaker,

Patti motivates audiences to embrace the power of working in unity to create cohesive, successful teams and leaders.
Her most popular speaking topics include:

  • No Mission No Margin : With this speech, Patti teaches staff, managers and executives how to stay at the forefront of patient care while maintaining financial success. Audiences learn the basic formula for creating a strong strategic mission, fostering a meaningful organizational vision, and implementing the right leadership for success.
  • You Matter. We Care: The success of any organization is its workforce. Creating cultures where trust, respect, care and innovation exist in harmony with proven business practices will lead to a productive and financially secure organization.
  • Beyond the Basics: Philanthropy is a powerful tool for hospice care companies. Unfortunately, it’s vastly underutilized. In this speech, Patti guides audience members through the benefits of going beyond the basics of hospice care to embrace philanthropy as a springboard for innovation and better quality care.


For intimate, customized events, Patti also offers strategic workshops for senior leadership and management teams. She understands first-hand the complexities faced by executives, and firmly believes that clarity and focus are the keys to achieving leadership success. Her workshops are designed to build strong bonds between team members, leveraging their different perspectives toward a common Mission.

These powerful workshops are available for groups of 5 to 30 participants. Key takeaways from Patti’s workshops include:

  • Strengthening of the leadership’s overall strategy and mission
  • Tangible fortification of appreciation between leadership colleagues and staff
  • Actionable ideas for how to accelerate the growth of the organization
  • Deeper identification and understanding of each team member’s strengths and contributions
  • Increased cohesion between leadership teams and management staff

Reach out to Patti today to schedule an inspirational speech or workshop at your next company event.

Hospice Executive Committee Board Member

“Thank you very much for a simply outstanding job of selecting the “visionaries” for last week’s session and for moderating the session in a very professional manner. We all gained a great deal of insight from the meeting and have a long list of things “to do” as a result. It appears that all the attendees left the meeting in high spirits and with great enthusiasm for the future. Congratulations for a job very well done.”