Monthly Archives: March 2016

7 Tips For Survival From CMS And NHPCO Leaders

If we in healthcare had one wish, we’d probably ask for a glimpse of the future. What impact will the coming wave of regulations have on the care we deliver? Is the Accountable Care Act a boon, or a bust? Dr. Paul McGann, Chief Medical Director for Quality Improvement at the Centers for Medicare and …

Everything Matters

Whether it’s what an employee is wearing, how the offices look, or empty cups on a table Patti reminds us that image is more than your company logo.

A Client Success Story

Patti shares one of her favorite client success stories.

Lives That Inspire

Ask anyone who had the honor of working with the late Dr. Robert “Bob” McCollough, M.D., and chances are good they’ll share a story about his kindness, his insight, and the respect and gentleness that informed his interactions with everyone around him, from patients and their families to his peers and co-workers. Here’s mine: The …

Engaging A Consultant Vs. Internal Resources

Patti discusses five reasons you should use her consulting experience rather than do it yourself with internal resources.

Why I Wrote The Book “No Mission No Margin

Patti shares her thoughts on why she wrote her book “No Mission No Margin ™.”