March Madness

Do you work with a “team of experts”?  Or do you work with “expert teams”?  The job of a leader is to put together teams who believe in and live the organizations’ mission, who can influence and carry out change and accomplish established goals.  All the while trusting one another, respecting one another, and even loving each other and the work they do.


The UF Gator Boys are on top, once again.  The University of Florida Men’s basketball team is made up of strong players none of which were All American high school stars or any who will be #1 NBA draft picks. These players play as a team and because of that are currently ranked #1 in the nation going into the NCAA finals tournament.  What is their secret?  A single star player who shoots like a madman or a perfect ball handler or a giant who towers over all the others?

No, the Gator Boys are a team.  Not a “team of experts” but an “expert team”.  Their love of their teammates, their university and the game of basketball is evident.  That love will carry them hopefully through to a Final Four NCAA championship victory but more importantly far beyond into life.

One of the Hospice core values is the interdisciplinary team; be sure your teams are expert and not simply a group of experts doing their own thing.  Selection of an executive team who can work together, challenge each other, trust one another and can perform as a unit should be a top priority for any CEO.  Let the Madness begin…Go Gators!


Post By: Patti Moore