photo by Damon Hall

Have you noticed all of the “noise” in your life lately? The constant chatter on emails, texting, Face Book, Twitter, political debates, talk radio and talking head news, it is endless. It seems everyone is talking but is anyone really listening? Social media offers so many options to “connect” with anyone, anywhere, anytime that a conversation now consists of emojis or single letters vs words.

While it’s wonderful to instantly send off a text or email to a friend or colleague for quick interactions, yet at the end of the day, how meaningful are those exchanges? Are you reminiscing about the beautiful text you received and how it made you feel as you’re falling asleep at night? Or are you feeling frustrated because your in-box is overflowing, and you don’t have time or energy to respond to everyone who wants something from you?

Many of my clients have the problem of staff “over-sharing” emails. The dreaded “cc” to multiple people so the sender can “CYA”. If you have sent 3 emails about the same topic and are about to send 1 more to clarify anything, STOP! It is time for a personal intervention. Take your fingers OFF the keyboard, aim them toward a phone and call the person or better yet, give your body a break stand up and walk down the hall and look someone in the eye to conclude a virtual discussion.

Photo by Nicholas Picard

It’s time we began to listen more. Really listen. Time to stop your brain for a few moments and listen to what someone else is saying to you. When was the last time you looked someone in the eye and heard what they were saying, fully without crafting your response before they have even finished? When was the last time you stopped thinking your thoughts and listened to what your quiet inner voice was saying to you? Even prayer is TALKING to your God. Try listening! Let go of the chatter in your brain and be still. Be still…Listen…even for a few moments.

Photo by Patti Moore

Here are 5 tips Relief:

  • If it takes more than 3 emails to clarify an issue, go have a live personal discussion
  • Do not copy your emails to anyone other than the person who needs it, if you are looking for insurance that your boss knows what you said/did, have a live personal conversation with your boss
  • Only look at email 4 times a day
  • Surprise someone, Pick up the phone and make a call instead of shooting off an email
  • Start the day with stillness, meditate for 10 minutes or go outside and listen to the natural world

The wisdom you are seeking is right there within you. You just have to make time to LISTEN.

Post By: Patti Moore