Each day Hospice leaders look death in the face and adjust their organizations to meet the needs of patients, caregivers, staff, donors, volunteers, referral sources, local/state/federal government regulations and the communities they serve; and do it in the midst of revolutionary change.  They must be fearless, they must be creative, they must be smart, they must be innovative and they must care.  This work is not for the faint of heart.

As many of us in end of life care attend the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s Management and Leadership Conference in Washington DC this week, we must remember there are hundreds of people we can meet and access during this time together.  Listen, learn, share and have fun connecting with others who are committed to outstanding end of life care.  Recognize we are indeed all in this together, with a common purpose: support and care of those people facing serious illnesses and their loved ones.

It seems like the health care system as we know it is crumbling around us, placing unrealistic expectations on hospices and others to do more with less.  But who better to grow and become stronger from this challenge than hospice people?


If you are attending the MLC this week, identify someone you don’t know and ask for his or her most innovative solution to your most pressing problem.  You might just find the answer you have been looking for.

I’ll be there and hope to see you there too!

Post By: Patti Moore