September 15, 2018
Moore Mission Moments - The Watershed Group


by Patti Moore

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness” Mark Twain


How much time do you spend in planes, trains, cars and hotel rooms? I love traveling thanks in part to Mark Twain’s quote above. Getting to see my clients while traveling is the bonus!  Travel for work can feel like an endless sprint of stuffing suitcases and figuring out rental cars, bolting down airport meals and rejiggering your internal clock to match the time zone you’re in. As someone who spends a good chunk of her working life on the road, I’ve managed to come up with some useful strategies that take a lot of the stress out of constant travel, and I’d like to share them with you.


I keep a suitcase mostly packed and at the ready at all times. Mine contains a full, separate set of my makeup and other must-have beauty products, all in the regulation-sized bottles and jars. I keep a complete outfit of walking/workout clothes in there and a pair of running shoes, because if I leave them at home, it’s an excuse to miss my workout. I carry small containers of my daily supplements and vitamins, plus aromatherapy products to help me sleep and of course, a toothbrush and dental floss. Included is a pair of presentable pajamas that I wouldn’t mind being seen in if the fire alarm goes off at 3 am and I’m standing on the street with my fellow travelers. Everything is packed in ‘packing cubes’, soft zippered bags that keep things orderly and neat, and a must for me, a small, framed photo of my sweetheart, which help to make a hotel room feel more like home.


With this suitcase always pre-packed, all I have to remember to add are my work clothes, still in the dry cleaner’s plastic bags to prevent wrinkles, my jewelry, and my shoes – a breeze! It’s so much better doing it this way than it is to get to your hotel and discover that you’ve forgotten your toothbrush…or your underwear.

And I love my sturdy, sleek Tumi suitcase with its 360-degree wheels, because dragging my old suitcase behind me was hurting my shoulders. I invested in a “Global Entry” travel ID this year and it’s great, allows me to go through the TSA Pre-Check lane on all departures.  Well worth the $100 for 5 years.


Got a playlist? Music matters to me; I use it to energize myself in the mornings, and to wind down at day’s end. My playlist for mornings and amping up my mood kicks off with Pharrell Williams’ irresistible Happy, because it just makes me smile. Other songs inspire with their messages; Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory encourages me to go as far as I can toward that edge, and Good Morning by Mandisa and TobyMac reminds me that every morning is a fresh start –


Wave away my yesterday
Cause I'm leaving it behind me.
Hello sunshine, come what may.
I feel something new inside me.
I hear the birds singing
Now my alarm's ringing
Get up, get up, hey!


Katy Perry’s Firework urges me to “show them what I’m worth” – while Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay helps me to remember that I don’t have to be a superhero – just myself. Jason Derulo’s Kiss the Sky gets me up and dancing, and Demi Lovato’s Confident helps me stride into the world with all the confidence I can muster. And “You Are So Beautiful” – who doesn’t need to hear Joe Cocker singing that to you?

The last song on my morning list is Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, because the energy it generates is amazing. I find myself clapping and singing, and dancing out of the room to work. You’ll want this one for your playlist, too.


When I’m traveling, I always wear clothes and shoes that are work-appropriate and I always put both my identification and one credit card in my pocket, no struggling with a purse to pay for the Starbucks. You never know when you may be parted from your luggage or even (heaven protect us) your wallet, so “Be prepared” isn’t just good advice for Girl Scouts.


When evening comes and it’s time to kick off my pumps and unwind, I listen to a song my dear husband sent me, Have It All by Jason Mraz. When I turn out the lights, I turn on Deep Relaxation One, Brain Wave Music System by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. I often find it difficult to sleep when I’m away, but this usually does the trick.


Fellow road warriors, I’d love to hear your pro tips on thriving when you’re on the go. Life is short, go out and see the world!




It's fun to be ABOVE the clouds!





I’ve written elsewhere about the potential for emerging technology to change the way in which we age, about the loneliness and isolation our seniors are suffering, and on the dearth of family caretakers for those who want to age in place. Now these two start-ups are offering thoughtful and creative solutions:


            “Aging in place can create isolation and loneliness for seniors, but startups such as Papa and Silvernest are working in an effort to combat these complex problems. They are eager to interface with home health providers in more meaningful ways, and are planning to do so in the near future. Silvernest is a home sharing app, similar in some ways to Airbnb, that pairs older adults with roommates. Through Papa, college students provide in-home services to seniors. Both these companies believe that they can help mitigate loneliness and isolation, which can compromise older adults’ health and wellbeing in serious ways.”


Your feel-good story for today: Is age really just a number – and is love really forever? That’s certainly true for this amazing 99-year-old, who makes a daily six-mile walk to visit his wife in the hospital:


            “A 99-year-old man from Rochester, New York, may restore your faith that true, lasting love does exist. His name is Luther Younger, and after 55 years of marriage, he is still deeply devoted to his wife, Waverlee


If you’re not already doing this with your hospice patients, why not? What we leave behind us can give us comfort, as well as comforting those whose lives we won’t be here to see. This is an inspiring read, and a great project that we in hospice can do with our patients. What a gift to leave for your children; your thoughts, prayers, advice, and love, there for them when you can no longer be.





Bravo! We’re proud of all of our clients, especially because of the great examples they provide 

Hope Hospice continues to grow its doula program: “For nearly 40 years, Hope Hospice staff and volunteers have served as doulas to support people throughout their end-of-life journey. Now, as this role becomes more recognized, Hope’s doula program has expanded in size and scope to offer even more support to families during the final days and hours of life.

            More than 30 Hope volunteers have completed a specialized hospice doula educational program, where they learned about creating and maintaining a sacred space by using sound, touch, color and other sensory experiences to alleviate pain and anxiety. Doulas can also offer legacy projects that serve as emotional touchstones and family keepsakes.”


So happy to see Joliet Area Hospice not only doing good, but also doing well as they plan to expand:

            “Joliet Area Community Hospice plans to expand its in-patient facility now that a new state law will allow more beds.The expansion plans were announced Friday at a news conference called to discuss the impact of legislation that expands the number of beds allowed at in-patient hospice facilities from 16 to 20.

            “There were days when we had a waiting list – 16 beds full and patients waiting at home or at hospitals or at nursing homes for their end-of-life care,” said Mary K. Sheehan, chief executive officer for Joliet Area Community Hospice.”



I love this word.  Integrity.  For me it brings forth images of truth, honor, trust, doing what you say you'll do, being authentic regardless of who is watching.  I have often said that I think someone with integrity is sexy.  Before Steve and I were married, I knew I was looking for someone I could count on no matter the circumstances, someone with Integrity.  I'm so lucky to have hit the jackpot with Steve!  People who embody this word I find appealing and want to be around them. 
But, I find it easier to have Integrity toward others and don't always apply that same Integrity to myself.
Consider this question:    Are you demonstrating INTEGRITY  toward yourself?
Are you honoring, honest and trusting of yourself?  Start there first, see how much Integrity you have toward yourself.  It might just surprise you.
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