July 19, 2018
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The Rest of the Story...

by Patti Moore


“You have everything we’re looking for - you’re hired!” 

            Have you ever said those words at an interview, only to find yourself wondering, “What was I thinking?” three months later?  Somehow, that “perfect hire” you so enthusiastically took on turned out to be a sub-par employee, and nothing like the candidate that presented so well in the interview. Full disclosure; it’s happened to me, even with the rigorous interview process we had in place.


            The fact is, there are people who are superstars at interviewing.  Masters of the art of conversation, they’re personable, charming and know how to turn questions around so that the interviewer winds up doing all the talking.  Sometimes those people are just what you are looking for, in jobs involving sales, customer engagement, or motivating and inspiring others – all positions in which connecting with people is paramount. But that bright personality can dazzle an interviewer into overlooking the lack of other, more critical skill sets – and that’s when expensive hiring mistakes are made.


            Too often, we pass over better-qualified candidates who are more reserved, quiet, and less eager to talk about themselves, or who take time to consider their answers before responding. Yet while these introverts lack the extrovert’s charismatic presentation, they’re often better fits for positions that require strengths like self-motivation, and alliance building.  Bill Gates and Warren Buffet certainly contradict the notion that introverts can’t lead.


            This week, I saw a piece on CBS Sunday Morning on Introverts and the Making of a “Quiet Revolution” that explores our growing understanding of the strengths these folks bring to the table. Susan Cain, author of the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking dismissed the myth that introverts don’t make good leaders, saying "Introverts contribute so much to society because of who they are, not in spite of who they are, and yet we're encouraging everyone to be one way and not the other way.” So, how can we as interviewers overcome that innate preference and avoid making costly hiring errors to reliably choose the right person for the job?


            Resumés and interviews can only go so far in determining the best fit for your next hire. I recommend using proven assessment tools to enhance your hiring practices.  I believe in and use the Predictive Index (PI).  PI has a 70-year history of being scientifically validated and reliability tested for accuracy.  PI was invented for use in the workplace as a tool to determine what motivates and drives people.  When you place someone in a job that fits their PI profile, they will be more productive, better motivated and are much more likely to stay engaged for a longer period of time. Given the high costs associated with letting someone go and replacing them, that makes using PI a smart investment. 


            As a PI Associate, I will help you discover the wonders of this powerful talent management tool. Before you say, “You’re hired!” use the Predictive Index to discover “the rest of the story…” and avoid buyer’s remorse (and the expense of another hiring search) down the line.


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Want to hear more of Susan’s Cain’s insights on the power of introverts? Check out her TedTalk HERE.

 Congrats, Katie! Your thoughtful and generous legacy will make a meaningful difference for many families:        

            “Medina resident Katie Garra, nominated by Hospice of Medina County -- an affiliate of Hospice of the Western Reserve -- was one of three honorees named a "Crown Jewel of the Community" at a Voices of Giving event June 14 at Portage Country Club.

            Garra has made a bequest to leave her entire estate to HMC in gratitude for the compassionate care provided to both her parents, who died just five months apart. She wanted to pay it forward to help other families in her community who are caring for loved ones at the end of life.”


What’s beyond the life we know? It’s an age-old question that may never be answered, but this experience is certainly familiar to those of us who’ve worked with the dying:

            “Though his eyes were closed while terminally ill from lung disease on that day four years ago, laughter unexpectedly emerged from Albin Langus.


"I said 'Dad, what are you laughing at?' …He said, 'Everybody's together and we're all just having a wonderful time. We're having so much fun' ... and those were the last words he spoke," she recounted last week between her visits to patients of UPMC Family Hospice and Palliative Care. "I said to my mom, 'What more could we ask for than that?' Wherever he was going, he was in a good place and happy."



Big Bend Hospice is in the news: “Caregivers of people with dementia have access to training that makes life a little easier thanks to a new program offered through Big Bend Hospice Inc.

            The Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving in Americus, Georgia, has selected Big Bend Hospice to offer “Dealing with Dementia: A Caregiver’s Guide.” The partnership will provide workshops and guidebooks for free to about 240 caregivers in the Big Bend.”


New leadership for Tidewell Hospice: Cliff Walters, chairman of the Blalock Walters board of directors, has announced that attorney Jonathan Fleece has accepted the role as CEO of Blalock Walters client Stratum Health System and Tidewell Hospice, Inc.


HopeWest continues to expand its community outreach – and what a great success story this is!

            “This isn't your typical coffee shop, for a couple of reasons.  First, all the profits from this coffee shop go to HopeWest, a non-profit hospice care center. Second, the coffee shop is located in one of Grand Junction's most historic homes, The Miller Homestead.

            The Artful Cup just rebranded itself, to reflect the history of its surroundings.

The home was built in 1889 by Lawrence and Emilie Miller, cattle and goat farmers who brought their herd to the Grand Valley from the Midwest.

            "It was quite an estate. It was Grand Valley's show home," said Marisa Felix-Campbell, HopeWest's marketing manager. "They were quite the socialites. When they had their open house anyone who was anybody was here."

            After a series of owners, the home was donated to HopeWest and renovated in 2007. And now the coffee shop has also become a history museum.”




The Illusion of Control...
Most of us, myself included, would like to think we are in total control of our lives.  Much time is spent trying to control other people, various outcomes, the weather or what others think of us.  Parents try to control their teenagers, managers/supervisors try to control their employees, and lovers try to control one another!
Control is natural a human drive, it's innate within all of us. But it can get out of control if we don't watch out.  The only true control any of us has, is control of our own thoughts. One of my all time favorite books is Man's Search For Meaning by Victor Frankel. While in a German concentration camp in WWII he had lost everything: his family, his life as he knew it and his freedom...BUT he still had control of his own thoughts. His realization that the Nazi's could not control his thoughts set him free and that powerful realization saved him.
YOU have control of your thoughts.  You can choose in each moment on how you will think about any given topic, good, bad or indifferent.  That is total control, indeed it may be the only place where it exists!
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